What A Mother Does Lyrics

New stains on the rug
Stray socks on the stair
And piles of papers appearing right out of thin air
But the sheets have been washed
Pants have been pressed
The floors have been scrubbed like a woman possessed

And it\'s steady and stable
A meal on the table
Each evening because
That\'s what a mother does

Can I have some more cabbage?

More potatoes, dear?

Sit down to stand up
You\'re back on your feet
Serve seconds and thirds while you\'ve still got a boy that won\'t eat


But mom has her ways
A mom knows her kid
She\'ll get him to eat without knowing he did

It\'s just one of her talents
She keeps life in balance
Amid all the buzz
That\'s what a mother does

One thing down
A million more you\'ve missed
The plates, the pans
Keep crossing off the list
Homework, PJs
Get the kids to bed
Choose a Christmas story to be read

Yes, Christmas is here
There\'s so much to do
A house to look festive
A family that\'s counting on you
With tinsel to buy
And stockings to stuff
To make them forget
That the times have been tough
You\'re a mom on a mission
To keep up tradition
Cookies and carols
And laughter in barrels
Till you hear them say
You\'ve made Christmas Day
The very best Christmas
That there ever was

\'Cause that\'s what a mother
What any good mother
That\'s what a mother does

A Christmas Story What A Mother Does Lyrics,
Song What A Mother Does Lyrics Christmas Story musical

What A Mother Does Lyrics From The Musical A Christmas Story

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