Expectations Lyrics Lyrics

Expectations is a song from the Broadway musical Amazing Grace performed by Chris Hoch (Major Gray).

The influential man must always be
Keen to pass his noble traits to posterity
The care which he must use
With the wife he must choose
Is a matter of the utmost gravity

For... she... must...
Live up to expectations
Nobody can doubt her loyalty
No questions or explanations
A wife of christian tact and dignity
This is what a wife is meant to be

You know I have travelled far and wide
And never found a woman that I
Wanted by my side
Most were rather plain
Some were barely sane
They wanted me, but I could not oblige

For... it... would...
Ruin my reputation
To settle for a homely girl who did not
Live up to expectations
And this is why I’ve asked you here today
To say the words you’ve always dreamed I’d say

For no one else fulfills my standards quite
The way you do
And this is why I feel that I must offer this
For you will
Live up to expectations

Expectations Lyrics Lyrics From The Musical Amazing Grace

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