I Still Believe Lyrics Lyrics

I Still Believe is a song from the Broadway musical Amazing Grace performed by Erin Mackey (Mary Catlett).

I believe
That the child that I once knew
Is still alive inside you
If you could only see
And I believe
That you have not been forsaken
And this journey you have taken
Can somehow set you free
For you could cross a thousand miles to hide yourself from him
Make a thousand foolish choices that you tell yourself he never can forgive
But God is waiting for you just to let Him in
Don't turn away
Don't be afraid of what you'll see
For all the things you once believed or thought you'd heard before
All those words of hope your mother spoke
Will make a sound your spirit can't ignore
Then through the tears of laughter you will
Long for mine
Then you will see
What joy can be
My oldest friend
You should know,
I still believe

I Still Believe Lyrics Lyrics From The Musical Amazing Grace

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