Chrisitan Charity (Reprise) Lyrics

SHERIFF: It's not about these dumb elections.

DR. PARKER (spoken): I never said it was

SHERIFF: Don't want the cart before the horse.

DR. PARKER (spoken): Of course, nobody does.

SHERIFF: But some of my constituents

Claim he's skulking through their kitchens!

And soon I may have no recourse

But to enforce the law!

BUD: With deadly force!

LORRAINE: So there it is, Doc, spelled out plain.

BUD: So are we clear?

MAGGIE: You'll take no action that could derail this train!

ALL TOWNSFOLK: You should just be grateful

We don't hang him from a tree!

So don't you go testin' our

Christian charity!

So ship him out, Doc,

Don't care to where.

BUD: You think that's fair?

ALL TOWNSFOLK: Take the long way home --

ROY: Because he's foulin' the air!

ALL TOWNSFOLK: Doc we need a quarantine,

We want a guarantee!

He can't be allowed to come.

BUD: He'll cause pandemonium!

ALL TOWNSFOLK: So shape up and show us some Christian...

DR. PARKER (spoken): It's going to be hard on Meredith... but I give you my word. Edgar will not attend the revival.

BUD (spoken): You word of honor?

DR. PARKER (spoken): My word of honor.

(BUD and DR. PARKER shake hands. The townsfolk all sigh in relief.)

ALL TOWNSFOLK: Thank God you'll be showin' some

Christian charity!

And some dang sense!

Chrisitan Charity (Reprise) Lyrics From The Musical Bat Boy

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