Butter Outta Cream Lyrics

Two little mice of great renown
fell in some milk and one proceded to drown
The other one's still the toast of the town
'Cause he made butter out of cream

He looked around, deduced his plight
Said this is no way to spend a Saturday night
Yet he had the style to make things right
So, he made butter out of cream

He kicked his legs up he tossed and turned
So not to end up a ghost
He did the hokey pokey till the cream was churned
And baby he walked right out and buttered his toast

Now he's on top for goodness sakes
Yeah he's the big cheese up at land o' lakes
He's living proof that pop all it takes is a scheme
So if you live in the gutter, just make butter out of cream

There was a cockroach from Brazil
Got drunk at his local coffee mill
He thought his time was up until
He made coffee out of beans

When he came to he heard such a sound
Much to his shock when he looked around
He had been scooped and was about to be ground
So he made coffee out of beans

He marched to south and he stomped to the north
He had to race against fate
He did the cuckarocha until the sweat came forth
And seniore things began to purcolate

He held his breath and swam to the top
He borrowed beans from his mom and pop
and opened up his own coffee shop
down in queens
When his lights were almost off he
just made coffee out of beans

So think of those two when life's the pits
the bug and the mouse at the end of their wits
They knew the key to life was that it's what you dream
So if lemons clog your sink up
Don't just stand around and scream
Spike some lemonade and drink up
And make butter out of cream
Just make butter out of cream
Oh I'm gonna make butter out of cream
We're gonna make butter out of cream

Butter Outta Cream Lyrics From The Musical Catch Me If You Can

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