Who Is She Lyrics Lyrics

Zhivago: A girl walks in , she shoots a gun, who is she?
What clouds her pretty face with hate,
What led her to this demon state, to shoot a royal magistrate?
Who is she?
(spoken) do you know what you just did?

Lara: I shot the wrong man.

Zhivago: she seems to know him far too well, why would she?
As if she holds him in a spell why should she?
Too young to need a man like that, a crass scheming bureaucrat,
is this a lover's spat?
How could she?
The look in her eyes, defiant and daring,
how wonderous the thrill to follow you well without even caring!
The criminal she flees the scene who was she?
The orchestra assumes the beat,
she flees into a winter's street, and no one seems to care!
Who is she?
The branches of the winter trees consume her,
yet somehow in a summer breeze I feel her.
Touch of danger in the air, invisible yet everywhere then gone!
A shadow on the snow!
Why do I stand, still clutching my hands, who is she?!
Who is she? Who is she?

Who Is She Lyrics Lyrics From The Musical Doctor Zhivago

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