Flight Of The Skajaquada Lyrics

When clouds of iron gather nigh

Blackening the winter sky

Storms gather fury from the lake

Best hurry home and refuge take

For soon the worst will come to pass

And ice will turn your routes to glass

While in the north the beast awakens

From his year long slumber taken

His howl the fury of the gales

With deadly curves that rarely fail

To send your autos into flight

Through blizzard's curtain blinding white

See driving skills you lack with the

Flight of the Skajaquada

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Got nothin' to do

On a Friday night

Green jello sucks

Ain't got no talent

But that's all right

Green jello sucks

We're the worst

The worst in the land

Green jello sucks

But come on

Gotta give us a hand

Green jello sucks


And Gerdy

They're both good names

Green jello sucks


And Poopy

They're both insane

Green jello sucks

But when life

Is just a game

Who's to blame?

Green jello sucks

Green jello

Green jello sucks

Yeah, that's right, we're it

(Green jello sucks)

We're the world's economic problems, you can blame it all on us

(Green jello sucks)

It's our fault

(God, green jello sucks)

(x2) Hello, jello, green jello

(Green jello sucks) (x2)

Hello, jello, green jello (x3)

Green jello (x2)

Jello for the future (x3)

Jello for your future

And scream


Green jello sucks

Green Jello sucks (x2)


Flight Of The Skajaquada Lyrics From The Musical Green Jelly: Cereal Killer

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