Everything About You Lyrics

Everything About You is a song from Groundhog Day the musical performed by Andy Karl (Phil).
You like boats,
But you don't like deep water
And you're afraid of clowns and the end of the world.
And you like films,
But as a rule you think they should be ten minutes shorter.
And when you were Nineteen,
You kissed a girl and didn't particularly like it.
And you love the thighs of perfectly roasted chicken.
And you slept with the light on until you were twelve,
Because you thought Jesus was going to appear from the dark
And get angry at you for not helping your mom with her mom.
Or walking the dog who you named Stephen because...
Well actually you never did tell me why.
Apart from that,
I know everything about you.
I know everything.

Everything About You Lyrics From The Musical Groundhog Day

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