The Killing Lyrics Lyrics

[JASPER] What is life, right? That's what you wanna know? Let me through so I can find my friend, and I'll tell you everything.

Who am I to know the truth, I'm a loser.
What is life, and why exist?
It would suck to get devoured so I'll try now, I will pitch the painful gist.

What is life? Life is awful people.

Take my mother for a spin, great example
Sixteen years she cooks and cleans
'til she wakes one day to think, "where did the time go?
Is this all that living needs?"

She wants more and more
That's all the humans seek
She's a human after a killing (Hey!)
Willing she'll snatch up a movie star
Screw the world, she needs higher billing. (Hey!)
Spilling herself for the cash and car
She'll die pointing up at her shelves
See the people, all the crazy people, living, k-k-killing themselves.

And my father's just as sick. (Pass the percocet!)
Finding new ways to get dumb. (Finding new ways to get more!)
There are some who search for more, but my father dear
He wants only to be numb (No!)

Tell his world goodbye, goodbye.
Still, what's it to me?
He's a human after a killing (Hey!)
Filling his days with hope to score. (Oh yeah!)
Choking back 'til life gets more thrilling (hey!)
Chilling his drinks, knowing not who for
He'll die, staring, off at lost scores
See the people, all the crazy people, living, killing their souls.

They're either A or B
Except Agnes, cause see
Agnes showed me more than a killing
Drilling her words, my life's not a waste
Agnes says it can be fulfilling
She's shielding the truth that I haven't faced:
That I'll die, wasting, all of my time

See the corpses after a killing (Hey!)
Drilling the coil we live mortally (Oh yeah!)
This is life, mindlessly milling
Fulfilling my fear that the worst is me
I won't die, or be that guy, who like them wasted this climb. (We wasted this climb!)

Save the people, I will save the people! (Save the people! Jasper save the people!)
Yeah! Living! Well, trying. (Dying!)
I'll get her back, and through, for not just killing my soul!
(Save the people, Jasper save the people!
Save the people, Jasper save the people! Save the people, Jasper!)

The Killing Lyrics Lyrics From The Musical Jasper In Deadland

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