Leap Of Faith Lyrics


Ahh, ahh, ahh, ooooh.

Ida Mae:

Sometimes in your life, you reach a wall.

Up you climb, risking all.

There you stand alone, afraid to fall.

'Till you take a Leap of Faith.


Gaze down from that rink, and look around

Dark prevails, doubts abound.

If you want to land on solid ground.

You gotta take a leap of faith.


So take that leap of faith.

Walk out on the ledge.

Lay aside your doubts,

Stand right on the edge.

Bid your fears goodbye.

And step into the sky.

You gotta take a leap of faith.


I'm not too sure what's happened.

Or if it's really so.


I'm not too sure of anything,

Except that I don't know.


I don't know where I'm goin',

Or even who to be.

But I want to believe in something.


I need to believe in something.


If I believe in you,

Could you believe in me?


I can't even try to understand,

Where we've been,

Where we'll land.

All that I can give you, is my hand.

Can you take that leap?


I can take that leap.


I can take that Leap of Faith.


Take that Leap of Faith

Walk out on the ledge

Lay aside your doubts

stand right on the edge

Bid your fears goodbye

and step into the sky

you gotta' take a leap of faith

Ida Mae:

Go ahead darlin' take that leap.


Never know how high or steep.


Leave behind the troubles of home.

Ida Mae:

And head into the world unknown.

Male Angel:

Take a wandering leap in dreams.

Male Angel 2:

It lifts you like a pair of wings.


There's a world to reap,

If you breathe in deep,

And you take a leap of faith!

Choir A & (Choir B:)

Take that leap of faith. (Go ahead, go ahead)

Walk out on the ledge. (It's the only chance you're given)

Put aside your doubts. (?)

Stand right on the edge. (?)

Bid your fears goodbye, (Go ahead and taker that leap)

And step into the sky. (never mind how high or steep)


You gotta take a leap (of faith).

You gotta take a leap!

You gotta take a leap of faith.

Leap Of Faith Lyrics From The Musical Leap Of Faith: The Musical

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