China Doll Lyrics

Someone turns the key
And the china doll stands on tip-toe.
Pale and pink is she
As she pirouettes to the music.

All that she can see,
As her painted head goes spinning,
Is a circle with no beginning,
Is a carousel never ending,
Is a round-about to nowhere.

So she never knows
If she's happy or broken-hearted.
Round and round she goes,
Always back again, where she started.

She will dance for you,
Any hour you choose,
She has no choice,
She is there to amuse,
She twists and turns,
She will do as you say,
She can't escape,
She will never refuse you.

Spin the wheel of chance,
Is there anyone there to save her?
Someone turns the key,
And the china doll must dance.

[Thanks to diamondshine for lyrics]

China Doll Lyrics From The Musical Marguerite

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