Come One, Come All Lyrics

Come one, come all,
Come see, come stare.
There was a time
Marguerite was everywhere.
Come see the show,
She will neither know nor care,
She burnt her candles,
She craved attention,
Her thousand scandals,
Best not to mention,
Now she pays the price,
Nothing comes without a price,
Without some blood,
Just a little sacrifice,
She lived the high life,
She was ambitious,
She was depraved,
What she craved is what she got,
Had it all and blew the lot,
Threw it all away for what?
Sold her beauty, left her mark,
For just a while,
Queen of Paris after dark,
She lit a spark,
She lived in style,
Life flows from her,
In the summer of her years,
She dies of love,
She dies of tears.

[Thanks to Liz for lyrics]

Come One, Come All Lyrics From The Musical Marguerite

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