I Am Here Lyrics

(Spoken) Who's there?

(Spoken) It's me, Marguerite.

I've told myself to stay away perhaps a hundred times a day.
I've tried to shut my eyes.
But still I see you everywhere, you won't disappear.
Armand, it's happening so fast.
I'm throwing caution to the wind.
It seems so clear.
I know now where I am at last.
I am here.
What happens now is yours to say.
I am here.
To take, or spurn, or turn away.
It's absurd.
And yet I'm not too proud to say.
I will go, I will stay, say the word, I'll obey.
Time was when they all came knocking at my door.
Faceless men who knew my price and knew the score.
Let the past be the past. Let it go.
I'm standing here before your eyes.
Standing here without a mask, without disguise.
Look and see, Armand, I am here.

(Spoken) You're leaving?

I haven't slept since God knows when.
Except to dream and dream again.
But now my mind is clear.
I was afraid of losing you, my head in a spin.
I've waited all these years for you, for you to come.
And now you're here, you've let me in.
What else can matter now you're here?
From today...

I am here...

My life will never be the same.
Who could say...

Always here...

A single kiss would light this flame?
You're to blame.
We can both start again.
Another world another day.
You and I.
There's got to be another way.

I've come to save my life.
You've come to set me free.
My knight in armour, I'll find shelter where you are
There's nothing more to fear...

[Marguerite and Armand]
From today, darling, I am here.

[Thanks to Maris for lyrics]

I Am Here Lyrics From The Musical Marguerite

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