Intoxication Lyrics

This intoxication takes my breath away.
This agitation fevering the day.
I see her now at every turn.
Around every corner, she's there, she is waiting.
One moment inviting, one moment frustrating.
My imagination, fierce and running wild.
Infatuation, helpless as a child.
Can't tell the darkness from the light.
Or my left hand from my right.
Does my life begin with her?
Did my life begin that night?
She's a siren, she drowns me in her song.
She sings, she sings.
And the waters roar and rise.
And I am drowning, drowning...

This hallucination, crazy and obsessed.
This fascination will not let me rest.
She pressed her lips to mine and she
Intoxicated me...

This intoxication takes me by surprise.
This complcation fatally unwise.
Why should I throw it all aside?
The life that I lead, all the ease that it brings.
Where I have all I need at the snap of a finger...?

This intoxication robs me of my mind.
Humiliation never far behind...

What became of her? That pretty child?
Whose only dream was just to be a singer?
Why became of her? Did she run wild?
Did she run true? What did life bring her?
Poor girl...

Easily led and led astray...

Poor girl...

Lost her head and lost her way.
And today, she needs me more than ever...

I am drunk with him, my senses spin.
It's like my life is only just beginning...

[Marguerite and Armand]
This intoxication...

We are both the same, Marguerite and...

Armand is his name...

Marguerite and...

We are both to blame...

[Marguerite, Armand and Otto]
This intoxication...

[Thanks to Maris for lyrics]

Intoxication Lyrics From The Musical Marguerite

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