The Face I See Lyrics

I've seen this face so many times,
Taking off my mask to end the day,
Yet tonight this seems a different face,
A face I had but somehow lost along the way,

The face I see
Is young once more.
He kissed me once,
And all at once I remembered
A time past remembering,
A time lost and longed for,
A time that was new.

He was in my arms for a moment,
One brief, endless moment.
He carried me back
To something I knew
Before there was you.

The face I see
I've seen before
We kissed just once
Now look at me,
I'm a schoolgirl!
I blush like a schoolgirl!
I drift in a daydream!
It's a whim, Marguerite,
Just a whim, let it go!
Any thought of him!

Long ago I turned away from this.
Love was just for fools, the young in years.
It starts in bliss.
It ends in tears.

If he stood behind the door now,
I'd be there, I would fall into his arms and now,
Wouldn't care! Maybe even start believing
That my life can begin once more.

The face I see
Has seen the world
A world gone mad
The hopes I had
That led me nowhere
The roads I've never taken
My dreams all forsaken
That never could be

Yet still I feel
His lips
His trace
And this face I see.

[Thanks to Liz for lyrics]

The Face I See Lyrics From The Musical Marguerite

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