Time Was When Lyrics

Ici Londres. Les franзais parlent aux franзais
This is London. The French speak to the French.
Here is the news: The Vichy government today announced
that they would introduce new regulations prohibiting
Jews from working freely in any capacity without authority.
Jews from the age of six will also be obliged to wear at all times a distinctive sign of their race.
These rules go well beyond the demands of the German invaders...

Time was when
There were cafйs ablaze with lights.
Where is that radiance now?

We knew then

[Lucien and Annette]
How we would set the world to right.
Never that innocence now.
Never such radiance now.

[Lucien, Annette, and Pierrot]
Lost and gone,
Lost is the gift of being young.
Never those memories now.
Lost and gone,
Lost are the songs we could have sung.
Where are those melodies now?
Never those melodies now.
Never those memories...

Marguerite, how can I wait another day?
Marguerite, my life is just a day away.
Marguerite, now you are here, I'm here to stay.
Marguerite, this is our time.
Marguerite, this is our one and only time.
Marguerite, this is our day.
Marguerite, this is our time.

[Lucien, Annette, and Pierrot]
Time was when
There was a city in its pride.
Look at it, what it became.
Not so long ago, who knew then
Paris would have so much to hide?
Something in Paris has died.
Paris is dying of shame.

[Thanks to Maris for lyrics]
[Thanks to Okolio for corrections]

Time Was When Lyrics From The Musical Marguerite

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