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(he kneels next to her)

All that I've seen

All the battles, all that I've done

Never seeing the truth

Until that morning and the light of the sun

And now I'm here with you

Learning how it feels to feel scared of the feelings I've found

In all my life this is the first time I've cared

These bloodied hands, their scars of war

I've never fought for love before

(he takes her hand and Bertrande reaches out to him)

And all I know is that all I want to say, I've never said before

And all I ask, is you tell me every word you have to say


All I need is the time to know that this is real and let it grow

And all I see is a man who finds he's brave enough to stay


And all I know is the touch of love that changes all I know


All the years I prayed for this day


Now at last, all I've wanted to say!


And all the pain that we've known turns to dust

Blown by the wind

And all I know is that love like this is love that never lies!

And all I need is the time to know that this is real and let it grow..

(they take hands and embrace)

And all I see is that all I'll ever love is in your eyes

And all I know is the touch of love that changes all I know!

(they kiss each other and leave the stage with their arms around each other)

(the Protestants enter)


I am frightened, André, that they'll here us tonight

Protestant 1

It's so quiet, are we taking too much of a risk.


If we turn from the Lord, we lose all we believe

We must all be prepared to die for our faith


But how long can we hide?

Protestant 2

Must be always pretend?


Catholic by day, Protestant by night

André But our faith will survive

And the day will arrive

When our prayers will be heard

And the bloodshed will end

(Bertrande and Arnaud enter)


All the years that I've fought, I could never feel love


All the tears that I've wept, all those years that I prayed

But between you and I, there can never be lies


Just the truth now I swear, on the love that we made


But there's one truth to tell that you must know tonight

I'm a Protestant now, in these Catholic lands


I have no right to judge

You must follow your faith

And you speak to a man who has blood on his hands

And perhaps it's too late for this soldier to pray

(they embrace)


Only you can decide what prayers to say

I ask nothing of you, as long as you stay

But it's never too late for a soldier to pray....

All I Know Lyrics From The Musical Martin Guerre

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