Louison / Welcome Home Lyrics


Come along, a scarecrow shouldn't cry, Louison

Come along, I'll dry your eyes, Louison

There's a golden sun up in the sky, Louison

There's a warm breezing blowing through the rye, Louison

Look, Louison

Ah, Louison

We shall sit here all day as we've sat here before

After we'll sit here some more

All the world is shining in July, Louison

But it's not as beautiful as my Louison

(Arnaud arrives, wearing a long cloak) Arnaud


(He touches Benoit on the arm, startling him)

My name is Arnaud du Thil. I'm looking for a Madame

Martin Guerre. I've been told she lives somewhere near here.

Do you know where I can find her?


D-don't move...d-don't move!


Who are you talking to?




Do you understand me, I'm looking for a wife

Who hasn't seen her husband for all her married life

I'm asking for your help, you must be quite a connoisseur

(he points to Louison)

If you know someone as beautiful as her


In Artigat there's a lonely maid

A lovely bride if he'd only stayed

She is precious, she is frankincense and myrrh

And only my Louison is as beautiful as her


All the pleasures of the earth I'd give

If I could keep those treasures in her eyes

Staying here or fighting wars I know which I'd prefer

If I knew someone as beautiful as her


So you know Madame Martin Guerre?

(Benoit nods enthusiastically)

Will you go and find her for me?

(Benoit hesitates)

Oh, don't worry about...Louison? I'll look after her.

(Benoit runs off, looking for the villagers. Arnaud

takes off his hat and lies on the ground.)


Ther's a man looking for Bertrande! There's a man looking

for Bertrande! Where's Bertrande? There's a man looking for

Bertrande...where is Bertrande?


Who would think to come and see Bertrande?


Who would think to come and see Bertrande?

Who would need to come and see Bertrande?

Who would want to come and see Bertrande?

Who would even know about Bertrande?

(The villagers laugh at the idea. Then, a hush falls over them)

Oh my God! Is it possible it's him?

Oh my God! Could it me the answer to our prayers?


Oh my God! Is it who I'm thinking of?


Think what it would mean


Is it really true?


Please make it clear


God has shown his love for Artigat now Martin's here!

Surely they will have a child soon

And give us an heir

If it is...

Well, it must be, our own Martin Guerre!

God, it's a miracle, at last a miracle

(they cross themselves and kneel in thanks to God, except for Guillaume)

Where did you leave Martin, where did you leave Martin?


He's with Lll...llll...lll



(they run to where Arnaud is and stare at him)

Could this really be the same man?

I would hardly recognize him

It's amazing how he's changed!

It's remarkable how much he's changed!

But you're still Martin Guerre!

(Arnaud tries to say something. His cloak is removed.)

Pierre Guerre

It's so good to see you

(welcome home)

Promise you won't disappear


Dead as far we knew!

Welcome home

Thank God you're here

It's so good to see you

Welcome home

Promise you won't disappear

Dead as far we knew!

Welcome home

Thank God you're here!


No, not a word, boy, don't be downcast

What's done is done, now it's all in the past

Arnaud But I'm not...

Pierre & Villagers

(they point at him)



I'm telling you, there's nothing to say

What really matters is that you're here to stay!

Guillaume But Pierre!

Pierre & Villagers

(they point at Guillaume)



Don't give a thought to those that you've spurned

We're just overjoyed our boy has returned!

Come, the sun is sinking, welcome home

Bring the fatted calf and beer

Time we started drinking, welcome home

Thank God you're here!

(the villagers begin to dance around Arnaud)


Come, the sun is sinking, welcome home

Bring the fatted calf and beer

Time we started drinking, welcome home

Thank God you're here!

(Father Dominc approaches Arnaud. Arnaud kneels before

him and crosses himself.)

Father Dominic

Now the Lord, as our reward, has brought you here


You cheeky devil

You little tinker

Father Dominic

We would pray by night and day and year by year


You cheeky monkey, you little stinker

Mme de Rols

How Bertrande's missed you

The tears that we've shed

Faithful and true, she's the virgin you knew

As you'll see when you take her to bed

(they blindfold Arnaud)


Roast the meats

Bake the bread

Drown the village in wine

Press the sheets

Mend the bed

Bless the marital shrine


Now where's Bertrande?

Three crones

Pretty maiden found a husband

Friend or foe?

Pretty maiden couldn't find her love

Where did he go?

Pretty maiden with her mirror

And her comb

Pretty maiden will be prettier

Now he's come home

(Guillaume begins to dance, in challenge to Arnaud. The men

join in, and Arnaud is able to join in the dance. Guillaume

runs off.)


God it's a miracle

At last a miracle!

Martin's alive again, Martin's alive again!

(the women dance, and eventually the entire village is dancing)

Three crones

She's ripe for plucking, and ready for...

I wish it was me!

So do we...

(they continue to dance)

(Benoit arrives with Bertrande, who is also blindfolded. Bertrande

and Arnaud face each other and take hands. They dance, and Bertrande

gives him a litle kiss. They take off their blindfolds and stand

starting at each other. The villagers dance around them.)


Welcome home

Our long lost son

We will forgive you whatever you've done!

Welcome home

Our long lost son

We will forgive you whatever you've done!

Welcome home!

(Arnaud and Bertrande are separated and caught up with the villagers.

Ernestine takes Bertrande by the hand and draws her to Arnaud.

The villagers leave them alone.)


You're not Martin...are you.


(he covers his face with his hands)

How can I tell you who I am when I'm not certain anymore?

Please let me tell you what I know, I was a soldier in the war

(Bertrande runs around the stage, stunned)

I knew Martin, he was my friend

He taught me how a life could be

He showed me how a man could see


If this is true, why did you lie?

And why did you call yourself Martin?


Your people said I was Martin even before they saw my face!

I swear it's true! I didn't lie!


But did you try to tell the truth?


Madame, I swear I tried, they would not let me speak

They welcomed me with open arms

And I've never known such love, the love they showed to their Martin


But they hated him! They made him leave me!


Bertrande, I have to tell you...


Do you know where he is?


That day we watched the morning sunrise

Their stealth, their speed took us by surprise

He stood his ground, he fought to the end

He saved my life, he died for his friend


Is this just one more lie?


No, I saw Martin die! I saw Martin die!

(Bertrande falls to her knees. Arnaud tries to touch her,

but she pulls her arm away from him.)

When he spoke of Bertrande, he was full of regret for

the way he behaved

For the suffering he'd caused

In that morning light he spoke with hope that he'd come

back and she'd still be there

Now I'm here, and I'm too ashamed to say

(He gets on his knees next her. She turns to leave, but stops.)

That I feel the same hope he felt that day

Louison / Welcome Home Lyrics From The Musical Martin Guerre

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