My Nose Ain't Broken Lyrics


See that poster on the wall?

Rocky Marciano

Never took a single fall

Not Rocky Marciano

He and me we share a name

I think of that a lot-

How one rocky gets to the top of his game

And the other rocky

Gets what I got

I got ten sore knuckles and a ringin' ear

I got a bruise over here, and here, and over here

I got a swelled up eye and a real flat beer

But hey, my nose ain't broken

My landlord's yellin' that the rent is late

Well I got forty-one bucks, I owe him sixty-eight

I got a crooked employer and a job I hate

But hey, my nose ain't broken

Yeah, my nose ain't broken

It still looks nice

Don't need no stitches, don't need no ice

The rest of my body's gonna need advice

But hey, hey, hey

I still ain't finished, well ain't that news

Got something more than some black and blue's

At least I can say for once I didn't lose

But hey, hey, hey

No one on the street tonight

Lonely kind of feeling

I should count my blessings right

Got four walls and a ceiling

Got my poster on the wall,

And one or two small hopes

Fight a few more years or so,

As long as I can fight, ya know!

I still ain't on the ropes

(To his turtles)

If you could sing and dance, you know we'd have it made

I'd buy a second chance and get my life replayed

And I'd stay fightin' as long as Marciano stayed

I still might, but tonight,

My nose ain't broken

My nose ain't broken

My Nose Ain't Broken Lyrics From The Musical Rocky The Musical

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