Alabama Ladies (reprise) Lyrics

Victoria price (charlie)

You wanna know why you ain't dead. I'll tell you why you ain't dead.

Every time a jury says "guilty" the commies and the

Jungle jews get themselves another trial.

And that means every time they haul your black asses back into that courtroom,

I gotta haul mine in there too.

And i'm getting sick of it.


I am a white lady and i deserve to be treated as such!

There's only one true alabama lady

Loyal daughter of the solid south …

Not like that ruby! Oh no!

That turncoat.

She's making money touring the country with the communists and those goddamn mammies wearing hats!

Going places i never heard of. And me?

Six years!

Six years i'm stuck in this hellhole of a town delivering the same testimony trial after trial after trial after trial …

But then a negro threw himself upon me

I can still smell his hot black breath …

But the commies and the jungle jews are chasing bigger stories now, aren't they.

Let me let you in on a little lesson i learned behind the mill when i was thirteen.

They love you when you got something to give but once they finish getting whatever it is you're giving they're gone and you're forgotten …

They really hurt you

They take your virtue

And when it's taken

… they win. You lose. So long, suckers.

Alabama Ladies (reprise) Lyrics From The Musical Scottsboro Boys, The

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