Scene: The Edge Of The Moor Lyrics

(flute/"robin" chirps)

di*kon: Hullo there, Mary.

Mary: Why haven't I seen you before?

di*kon: Oh... A body 'as to be gentle and speak low, when wild things is about. But look here, me mother sent you a penneth

of seeds, for your garden!

(flute/"robin" chirps again)

Mary: I don't have a garden... I want to go in that one, where the robin lives!

di*kon: Oh, but he's makin' his nest, Mary, he can't afford to have you interferin', if you're not friendly.

Mary: Can you tell him I'm friendly?

(flute/"robin" chirps again)

di*kon: Mmm, it'd be much quicker if you learned to talk to 'im yourself.

Mary: But what could I say that he'd understand?

di*kon: Oh, well just tell 'im about yourself and I'll translate into Yorkshire for you 'till you get the way of it.

(flute/"robin" chirps)

Scene: The Edge Of The Moor Lyrics From The Musical Secret Garden, The

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