One More Shot Lyrics Lyrics

Song One More Shot" performed by Curt Mega (Agent Curt Mega), Mary Kate Wiles (Tatiana), Barb, The Informant from the musical SPIES ARE FOREVER!

Informant - This calls for a toast, shots for everyone

Curt - And another! Another
One more shot is all we have
One more shot, let's take a stand
One more shot, we got work to do
I used to think I could do this by myself
I was fine, I didn't need any help
Lost my way
I lost hope
Forgot the dream until I found you guys now I'm part of a team
If i feel weak i know you'll pick up my slack
If you fall, you know i got your back
this is it

Informant - This is it

Curt - Let's give it all we got, no regrets

Company - No regrets!

Curt - Let's give it one more shot!
This is for the mission that we set out to do
This is for me, and this is for you

Company - Shots!

Tatiana - This is for my family so far away
Try to keep up guys, you're such light weights

Company - Shots!

Barb - This is for my first time out in the field
I can't believe how crazy I feel!

Company - Shots!

Informant - This is for... Uhh I forgot what I was going to say...

Curt - that's okay!

Company - One more shot

Curt - Let's give it a go

Company - One more shot

Barb - Let's rock and roll

Company - One more shot

Tatiana - I'm feeling the flow

Informant - I think I'm stealing the show

Company - One more shot, gonna make it right
One more shot to win the fight
One more shot side by side

Curt - I feel so good inside!! I feel the feeling coming back to me now

Company - It's time to tear it up, time to tear up the town

Curt - I'm getting stronger no more messing around

Company - It's time to tear it up

Barb - Time to get down

Company - One more shot

Curt - I'm on top of the world

Company - One more shot

Tatiana - You drink like a girl

Company - One more shot

Barb - I'm feeling frisky

Informant - I'm invincible! Where's my whisky?

Curt - You guys, you guys, I got something to say
You guys *burp* you guys are great

Informant - Shot!

Barb - Gee thanks Curt, that means a lot
You wanna maybe have another shot

Company - Shot!

Tatiana - Another round! Another pour!

Informant - Barb, have you been with a woman before? *puke*

Company - One more shot!

Informant - (repetitive) Gotta have another, got to have another

Tatiana - (repetitive) Gimme me more, give me another

Barb - (repetitive) Shot, shot, shot, shot, one more

Curt - (repetitive) And another! Another

Company - Another! One more shot

Curt - We totally rule

Company - One more shot

Barb - We got the tools

Company - One more shot

Informant - You guys are cool

Company - One more shot!
One more shot! One more shot!

One more shot, we're doing it guys
One more shot, got our eyes on the prize
One more shot, I hope no one dies!

Curt - And another!

One More Shot Lyrics Lyrics From The Musical Spies Are Forever

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