The House on Sunset (Interior) Lyrics

A table has been cleared for JOE in the main room. HE sits at the typewriter, the manuscript piled at his elbow , a pencil held between his teeth, scissors and a pot of paste at hand. NORMA is on the sofa signing photos to fans, with MAX in attendance.


I started work on the script

I hacked my way through the thicket

A maze of fragmented ramblings

by a soul in limbo

She hovered there like a hawk

afraid I'd damage her baby.

(JOE drops a page of manuscript into the waste-paper basket and NORMA reacts instantly.)


What's that?


I thought we might cut away from the slave market...


Cut away from me?


Norma, they don't want you in every scene.


Of course they do. What else would they have come for? Put it back.

(HE sighs and retrieves the page. Presently, SHE leaves the room. Once she's gone, JOE drops the page back into the waste-paper basket and turns to the audience.)


I'd made my first big mistake

I'd put my foot in the quick sand

It wouldn't be a few days paste and scissors

This would take weeks.

The house was always so quiet

Just me and Max and that organ

No one phoned and nobody ever came

And there was only one kind of entertainment on hand.

Max, what's on this evening?

I hope it's not one of her weepy melodramas.


We'll be showing one of

Madame's enduring classics:

"The Ordeal Of Joan Of Arc"


Oh, God, we saw that last week.


A masterpiece can never fall

She is the greatest star of all.

(During this MAX has been busying himself, setting up a projector and lacing the reels. JOE wanders over to take his place on the sofa. Eventually, NORMA sweeps in, dressed to the nines and settles down next to JOE. MAX switches on the projector and the beam, radiates across the auditorium. For a while, the whirr of the projector; NORMA watches, entranced; while JOE, far more detached, lights himself a cigarette, the smoke drifting across the light-beam.)


This was dawn

there were no rules,

we were so young.

Movies were born;

so many songs

yet to be sung.

So many roads

still unexplored;

we gave the world

new ways to dream.

Somehow we found

new ways to dream.

(SHE takes JOE's arm excitedly and points up at the screen, somewhere above the audience's heads.)

Joan of Arc:

look at my face,

isn't it strong?

There in the dark,

up on the screen,

where I belong.

We'll show them all

nothing has changed.

We'll give the world

new ways to dream

Everyone needs

new ways to dream

("WITH ONE LOOK" returns as under-scoring.

By now SHE's gripping on to JOE, who detaches himself gently and moves to the other end of the sofa, where HE turns to contemplate NORMA, who's still staring ecstatically at the screen.)


I didn't argue,

why hurt her?

You don't yell at the sleepwalker

or she could fall and break her neck.

She smelled of faded roses.

It made me sad to watch her

as she relived her glory.

Poor Norma,

so happy,

lost in her silver heaven.

(NORMA continues to watch, and JOE watches her.)


Nothing has changed

We'll give the world

new ways to dream.

Everyone needs

new ways to dream.

(JOE is touched; HE reaches out and takes her hand.)


The House on Sunset (Interior) Lyrics From The Musical Sunset Boulevard

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