Rest And Recreation Lyrics Lyrics

Four years at the front
Give a man a zest
For a little rest
And recreation
For the chance to hunt
For the spiciest
In the way of rest
And recreation

Give me your girls of pleasure
Your grapes of merlot
Show me your wares and measure
One large sample
Sample 'em at my leisure
This three-day furlough
Should be ample

I have borne the brunt
Of a soldier's test
Now I've made my way
Where I get to play
At rest and recrea-

Four years at the front
Four years at the front

Cannon fodder lying in the field below the castle
Is this the third week or the fourth week of the siege?
The air filled with the stench
Of bodies in a trench
Whoever pays the most I call "my liege"
Summoned here to Paris now, I'm far away from battle
From clotting blood and rotting wounds of dead and dying men

And whatever I do
I'll make sure this is true

I will never go back again!

Darling, to be blunt
You are with the best
That's why I've been blessed
With this promotion
I've been working hard
Now I'm gonna be
Captain of the Guard
Ain't that a notion?

Like other true knights
I've got ambition
But for a few nights
Fun is my mission
So what do you say?
Care to share a day
Of rest and recreation!

Captain! Welcome to the Cathedral Guard!

I'm grateful for the opportunity to serve you, my lord.

Your early arrival is most auspicious. The pestilence of these gypsies grows more dangerous every day.

Captain you and I
Have a task we share
Stopping them and their proliferation
Paris looks to us

To us!

To rid her streets of crime

To rid her streets of crime!

This is war and thus

There is no time
For rest and recreation!

Rest And Recreation Lyrics Lyrics From The Musical The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

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