Safe haven (Reprise) Lyrics


Now the noose is tightening

Closing in, wrapping round our prey

There's thunder and there's lightening

Storms are coming

Wash the sins away

Swallow finds Poor baby and asks if he's Ok. He is still upset that Jesus

never saved his kitten.

" I asked for a Christmas bonfire, didn't get it.

I asked for answers too, didn't get em

No body knows what their talking about, nobody has a clue"

Swallow replies

"Even Jesus wouldn't give me an answer, although he must have known

So I've been thinking the answer is, coming up with answers of our own"

Poor baby says that Jesus said that when peoples times up they go, is that why

he sent Mum away?

Swallow replies

"She was sick for such an awful time, so maybe her time just came

Maybe he thought it was kinder"

Poor Baby asks if it's not Jesus' fault then who do we blame?

The scene switches to the revivalists tent. People are about to test their

faith in Jesus by handling snakes.

They sing Wrestle with the devil ...

Safe haven (Reprise) Lyrics From The Musical Whistle Down The Wind

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