You Can Get Away With Anything (Opening Night Performance) Lyrics


Time to fly the coop, my doves!

Arriverderci, londra! No tears, bambini.

You must learn to far la bella figura!

Put on a good show!

Always count fosco-he puts on a good show!

(fosco performs for his animals)

My little friends you are all in this world

That i trust

Now we must find a new home and i see you're non plussed

Now that we've won

And we' have all the spoils

We must see that we don't miss the boat

But you'll forgive me if i take a moment to gloat

You can get away with anything

It all comes down to style

You'll have a captive


As long as you beguile

Yes you can have your cake and eat it

The love of those whom you betray

But you can't get away with anything

If you don't get away

I admit that i'm a criminal

Obsessed with perfect crimes

But even one as good as i

Can bungle it sometimes

Yes even one who is a genius

Can now and then get in a scr*pe

But no endeavor's a catastrophe

As long as you escape

And we are off! Out that door!

We'll pack our bags my little friends

And leave the scene while we are winners

And long before the story ends

As wealthy unrepentant sinners

We all have got a spot of farce in us

But only some of us are larcenous

And few still the divine thrill in us

That comes from being truly villainous

You can get away with anything

To prove it is my sport

I live to push the boundaries

To break the rules, in short

One must be something of a bounder

If one intends to play this game

There's only one thing that one has to have

One has to have

No shame

Yes i can get away with everything because i

Have no shame

You Can Get Away With Anything (Opening Night Performance) Lyrics From The Musical Woman In White

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