First Steps First Lyrics Lyrics

First Steps First is a song from Bandstand the musical performed by Laura Osnes (Julia), Corey Cott (Donny)

JULIA (singing):
Pardon my brashness, dear
Seeing you standing here
Dancing's more customary
For a soirée
Isn't the band sublime?
And as it happens I'm
Just in the mood to do
A two-step, Do step
Out on the floor with me
I'm new here too, you see
Might you be charmingly coerced
No need to be so shy
Take reassurance, I
Know how to guide you through
The worst steps, first steps first

I don't remember the bridge.

WAYNE (spoken):
She doesn't remember the bridge!

DONNY (singing):
Why be all alone when mu-

JULIA (spoken):
I'm sorry, I'm sorry

DONNY (spoken):
No, no wait! It's my fault. The tempo's all wrong, isn't it?

JULIA (spoken):
I- I don't know

DONNY (spoken):
Yeah it is. It is. Kick it up, Davy

DAVY (spoken):
Oh, thank God.

DONNY (spoken):
From the bridge, why be all alone. You got it!

JULIA (singing):
Why be all alone when music calls

DONNY (spoken):
Now we're cookin!

JULIA (singing):
I have nothing more or less to prove

DONNY (spoken):
She's terrific, folks!

JULIA (singing):
But unless we want a party full of flowers on the walls

DONNY AND JULIA (singing):
Someone has to make the very first move
Starting is daunting, true
Trusting in something new
Fearful your luck will be reversed
But I have a feeling I'd
Steady you if you tried
Soon you'll be dancing through rehearsed steps
First steps first
First steps first
First steps first

First Steps First Lyrics Lyrics From The Musical Bandstand

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