You're Goin' Back to Jail Lyrics


We can't spend our whole lives hiding, Buck

That ain't no way to live

It is time to wipe the slate clean

Ask the good Lord to forgive (praise the lord)

You've got to serve your sentence without fail

Buck, you are join' back to jail.


(spoken)What the hell are you talkin about?!


Won't be scared to turn a corner (that's right) or to open our front door

When you're on the side of justice you ain't nervous of the law

Now pull yourself together because you've gone pale

Buck you are goin' back to jail.


(spoken) Baby, you don't know what it's like in there!


I know it's hard to share a cell

When you've got nothin' to look at except prisoners who smell

But when you're done when you have served your time

We'll still be young and in our prime


Ain't been free more than a minute

Ain't had time to change my shirt

I been dreamin' of a hot meal with you as my dessert

Bring your face close to mine and just let me inhale


Buck you are goin' back to jail.


(spoken) Now baby-


(spoken) We will call the sheriff and tell him you are turning yourself in right after church tomorrow.


(spoken) Blanche-


(spoken) It's gonna be just as hard on me, daddy, well, Stella, you know what it's like havin' a husband in jail, tell him how hard

it is not havin' Carl around!


(spoken) Are you kiddin'?!

(sung) It's a treat to get my nails done, and have time to read a book

Sure beats washin' his long johns, it's a pleasure not to cook (Okay, that's enough)

Thank God those prison walls are much too tall to scale

My darlin's nice and safe in jail.


(spoken) I don't want her comin' 'round here no more.


(spoken) Well, Trish's husband's been in jail for two years now and she's miserable without her man!


(spoken) Mhmmm!

(sung) At first I really missed him I thought I would waste away

Then I met this boy from Tucson and he owned a Chevrolet (Oh no)

He had a lot of things that my Joe lacked (Okay Trish)

Like teeth and hair and cash to be exact (I think you're done)

I now got lots of habits I can't curtail (Heavens to Betsy)

I've got to keep him locked in jail


Keep 'em inside, keep 'em inside

If we see 'em once a month we will be more than satisfied

Ain't that the truth, don't mean to be unkind

Can't put a price on peace of mind (Blanche!)


I ain't like these other women

I will wait till kingdom come

I want the world to see that I ain't married to some bum (that's right)

It will be hard for us but we'll come through


I can't believe what you are askin' me to do


One thing's for certain our love won't grow stale (Oh my Lord) (Jesus close your eyes)


(spoken) Blanche I ain't join' back


Yes Buck, you're join' back


Tomorrow he'll be back in jail

You're Goin' Back to Jail Lyrics From The Musical Bonnie & Clyde: A New Musical

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