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We were just kids trying to do our best. We were kids...

Stop. Go. Who am I? Move. Ha! Come on, come in.
Father, mother, preacher, teacher
Failure! Am I? Am I? Am I? (Am I continues in the background)
No. Am I? Am I stupid? Am I hopeless? Am I?
Violence! Silence! Broken. Used. Black. Bruised.
What about me? What about me? I dream! I drown! I wait!
Everyday, I just pray. Every move I make is right.
Where I go, who I know. Will I be alone on Saturday night?
And I worry, what if I stand out one bit?
I worry, what can I possibly do to fit in?
Perfect clothes. Nose. The perfect skin, face, all ace!
Both my folks. Total jokes. All they do it chew my ass!
Blah blah blah blah (Random blah's in the background).
They should just be glad I make it to class.
I don't worry, if I blow my SAT's
I worry, what can I possibly do?
To squeeze in, pow! Why not now? When will I belong?
Look where I am, damn! My whole life feels wrong!
What if I do snap? Holy crap!
I'd crawl out of my skin! And so would you,
'cuz life just doesn't begin. Until your in.

Gardener: Don't you all have somewhere to be?

Billy: There's somewhere i'd like to be Miss G.

What are you Mr. Nolean, 12?
Tommy Ross, watch those hands and definitely no tongue!

Tommy: Yes ma'am!

Chris: Hey you two, get a room!

And you Chris Hargensen,
get rid of that gum before glass

Where should I put it Miss Gardener?

Anywhere you like, just get it out of your mouth.
Carrie White get a move on, gym class in two minutes!

Hah. Hah. God, it's rough. Stayin' tough.
Wonderin' what the world will say.
"Make a plan!" "Be a man!".
All this frickin' bullshit gets in the way!

I go crazy, nobody cares what it does to me
Everyone: And it's crazy! I would go out of my mind.
To be in, shit! In is it! What comes close to that?
Until you've been, in, you ain't where it's at.
Cuz when you're out, well, life is Hell.
You can never win. There's no doubt,
that life just doesn't begin. Until you're
(Carrie drops the ball)

Everyone: Aaaaaw!

Norma: Way to go, Carrie!

Frieda: Yeah, way to blow the game!

Sue: Hey watch where you're going!

Chris: Loser!

Hit the showers girls, go change up!

Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen!

And someday, if I don't stand out one bit

Oh someday, I may be normal enough

Boys: To fit

To fit in
Everyone Geez, shoot me please! Put me out of my pain!
Am I a mess? Yes! Totally insane! If I am not missed,
I don't exist, that's the greatest sin!
I'd rather be shot! 'Cuz, life just doesn't begin.
Doesn't begin. Doesn't begin.
Doesn't begin. Until you're in!

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