Cell Block Tango / He Had It Comin' Lyrics

Queen Latifah, Lil' Kim & Macy Gray - Cell Block Tango (He Had It Comin')

[Intro: Queen Latifah]

Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah, yes I'm here to testify

No, I gotta speak on my behalf, you don't even know what happened

Can I just tell you what happened?

[Chorus: Macy] (Latifah)

He had it comin' (He had it comin')

He only had himself to blame

If you'd a been there, if you'd a seen it

I think that you would have done the same

[Verse 1: Queen Latifah] (Macy)

I mean imagine, why was he hittin' his woman?

Why was she takin' that?

Now picture her fightin' back, picture the ass kickin'

Think of his ass flippin' down the stairs

And me at the top smilin', he shoulda stopped wildin'

Now could you picture me tryin' to finish him off?

See why I pictured me on this side of the law

High heels leave holes, you'd a thought I was gunnin'

Now the cops comin', I ain't runnin'

(He had it comin')

Girl you shoulda seen it, shoulda bobbed and weaved

Before the cops came, got a coupla clean hits

In word the Jesus couldn't take the abuse

But I couldn't explain that to the state troops

But you know girl, yeah you go girl

Plus I look real cute in orange jump suits

This the story I'm tellin' and I ain't changin' nothin'

I just needed you to know Your Honour

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 2: Lil' Kim] (Macy)

Aiight aiight, let's get this over with

Take the mug shot, hurry up the fingerprints

What the blood clot?

Lil' Kim aka Sofia Luchiani

Keep your jump suit, I'm rockin' Armani

Yeah, I bust at him once, but that was just a warnin'

My lawyer will be here with bail money in the mornin'

I'm not guilty, just tryin' to protect mine

It ain't my fault he ran into my knife 20 times (He had it comin')

Just my luck the bastard ain't die

What you woulda did if every other day he blacked ya eye?

Broke ya nose 'til it started bleedin'

Kicked you in ya ribs, chocked you 'til you stopped breathing

(f**k) that, I'm sick of bobbing and weaving

Threatenin' to kill me when I threaten to leave him

I do a bid, 'cause ain't no way

(Nigga) gonna do me like Ike and OJ

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3: Queen Latifah]

This is for the constantly accused, mentally abused

How many of you been in my shoes before, aiight

Or have you felt you caught the worse case

Puttin' up wit his tired ass in the first place

Why am I flippin'? I just bought them condoms

I ain't used not one but there was two missin'

Get a new mission, how to catch a cheater

If he only use coach, you shouldn't smell ???

If you know he don't smoke, you shouldn't smell reefer

If you catch him cheatin' you shouldn't yell either

Run up on him quietly, took him out silently

It might sound cruel, but you gotta love the irony

So explain that, just came back off a trip

And I come home to this, please

He ain't followed the guidelines

So forgive me Your Honour, he ran into my knife five times

[Chorus] - 3X

Cell Block Tango / He Had It Comin' Lyrics From The Musical Chicago

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