The Flood Lyrics


This was the last chance I would give

Now it is corrupted, defiled and vain

Is there no escape from the race of Cain?

Except to make it rain and rain and rain


Windows of heaven and fountains of the deep

Windows of heaven and fountains of the deep


(Open!) Behold I will blot out mankind from the face of the earth

(Open!) Both man and beast and every creeping thing

(Open!) The end of all flesh is come before me

Rain (Rain!) until the end of time

(Rain!) And let the raging skies

Send it down as an endless hurricane

I made everything out of nothing

Now nothing will remain

And to the skies I send my word

Forever will it rain


Oh my children that I love so well

My heart is dark and cold

I thought that you would keep me young

But you have made me old

All my labor all my love

I wonder now why did I bother

That’s what it means to be a father

I have destroyed the thing I loved

And now I feel so old


And the waters were upon the face of the earth

Drowning out the promise of their first hopeful birth

Without form, void, darkness

The Flood Lyrics From The Musical Children Of Eden

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