Ants Lyrics

JOANNA (spoken)
Dear God...Do animals believe in you or is there somebody else for them?

IRIS (spoken)
Did you mean for giraffes to look so funny or was that a mistake?

THEO (spoken)
Dear God...I hope ants are not special because we squish them all the time.

(Kicker stomps all over the stage)
How I love to squish ants!
How I love to stomp ants!
Who gave 'em permission
To crawl up my pants?!

How I love to smash ants!
How I love to mash ants!
That is why I gotta do
My squishy ants' dance!

How I hate any bug,
Every spider and slug.
Every time I see one, I wanna yell "Ugh!"
It's always kind of messy when you
Squish 'em on a rug...
But I love to squish ants!

JOANNA (spoken)
Hi Munchkin.

KICKER (spoken)
Where are you going?

BRETT (spoken)
To check out the new roller coaster.

KICKER (spoken)
Can I go?

JOANNA (spoken)
You're too little.

BRETT (spoken)
And too shrimpy. Hey, Kicker, you're good at kicking people. Let's see if you can catch.

JOANNA (spoken)
Yeah, Kicker, catch!
(Brett bounces ball off Kicker's back.)

KICKER (spoken)

BRETT (spoken)
Wow! What a great backboard!

JOANNA (spoken)
Hey! Be nice to my little brother!

KICKER (spoken)
Yeh, dorkhead!

JOANNA (spoken)
I'm the only one who's allowed to torture him!

BRETT (spoken)
Bye, squirt!

I will never squish ants...
I will only help ants.
Just like little people,
Ants deserve a chance!
Remember, ev'ry bug
Deep down just wants a hug.

No one likes being crept on,
But it's worse getting stepped on.
I will never, never, never, never, never, never, ever
Squish ants!

[Thanks to Brooke for lyrics]

Ants Lyrics From The Musical Children's Letters to God

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