Joanna's Lament Lyrics

On the news I heard about this kid who's in my grade. Who saved her baby brother when he tumbled off a boat.

So her town, they went all out and threw her a parade, gave her some old medal plus she got to ride a float.

And sitting right beside her was the pope. And Michael Jordan. And someone took her picture as she gave them each high fives. The crowd just ate it up, so she was cast in a commercial. 'Cause guess who eats life cereal when she's not saving lives?

Well, now she lives in Hollywood which must be really cool. And gets to have a tutor so she doesn't go to school. And has a million friends, and has a zillion bucks and I think it really sucks, 'cause my stupid brother knows how to swim!

Joanna's Lament Lyrics From The Musical Children's Letters to God

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