Chita-Rita Lyrics

Chita Rivera:
Ms. Moreno, her rude gyrations
Are all lousy imitations
Though we both did West Side Story
Hers was like chicken catchatoriy
She got all the glory
But don't let that cat in
I'm the fiery Latin
I was the world's first Anita

We know you were

Don't mix us up
I am Chita

Chita Rivera is not Rita
Rita Moreno is not Chita
Chita is Chita and not Rita
I would prefer you forgot Rita

This little ditty reminds you
Who is the what and the who’s who
She gets the movies and ‘Bravos!’
I get the nightclubs and bomb shows

My name is Chita and not Rita
Rita is Rita but not Chita
Liza likes Chita but not Rita
I wouldn’t mind if they shot Rita

I’m the one starred on Broadway
From the 50’s and the 60’s to the current day, people
And I invented the “Ay! Ay!”
While Rita was lisping in King and I

I have done Bye Bye Birdie, Chicago, Bajour
And I never miss a matinee, people
And when chorus boys yell and scream “Ay! Ay! Ay!”
How I love all of the gay people

My name is Chita and not Rita
Rita is Rita and not Chita
Liza hates Rita but not Chita
Why won’t the union boycott Rita?

Rita Moreno (spoken):
Hello Chita!

Rivera (spoken):
Rita! What are you doing here?

Moreno (spoken):
I be doing the movie version of The Rink. I’ll probably win another Oscar. You can present it.

Rivera (spoken):
(Laugh) I’d sooner die.

Moreno (spoken):
You probably will. I just came to credify one thing.
My name is Rita and not Chita
Though I look like you a lot, Chita
When people smoke too much pot, Chita
They think you’re me and I’m not Rita

I am a versatile actress.

Long as you stay on the mattress.

I can play any role I choose

Gypsies, Italians and Black Jews

(Rivera screams)

When I go out on a date, Chita
People say there goes the great Rita
But when they see who, they state, Chita
Looks like you put on some weight, Chita

Rivera (spoken):
Ay, ay, ay! I’m gonna show you how I was the first to do this! And it goes like this!

Both mumble and yell various “Ay! Ay! Ay!”s

So if you want to keep who’s who straight
Here’s how to settle the great debate
I am the one you should emulate
She is the one who should migrate

There is Rita and Chita and Liza
And Lisa and Liza and Chita
And Pia Zadora and Lisa
And Mia and Liza and Chita
Mia, Liza, Rita, Chita, Rio, Rita, Liza, Pia, Pita, Debbie Allen
And Me.

Chita-Rita Lyrics From The Musical Forbidden Broadway, Vols. 1-4

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