Somewhat Overindulgent Lyrics

My name is Mandy
Mandy Child Patinkin
and I've been thinkin
that I might be known more -
as a male Chanteuse

So if you like my 20 songs on CD
you should come and see me
every night
Dressing casual and loose
(with emphasis)
while emoting like a goo-oose

Somewhat Overindulgent
Like I'm high,
I in-terpret a lyr-ic
like - I'm about - to die.

Somewhat Overindulgent
I sing blue
and you won't recognize the tune -
after I get through.

Someday I'll do a one-man show
and sing Jolson songs like Ole Black Joe
and Matamee.

I'll emphasize most every word
and twitter like a little bird
to prove I'M HAMMY.

watch me cry (Are you watchin' me cry, mama?)
Barbra did in Yentl
Why then, oh why, can't I?

If Barbra Streisand gets to be -
Beyond Indulgent
Why, oh why, not me?

Somewhat Overindulgent Lyrics From The Musical Forbidden Broadway, Vols. 1-4

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