Stritch (Zip) Lyrics

SHOW: "Forbidden Broadway" vol 4 ("Pal Joey")
VERSION: 1996 off-Broadway Original Cast
WRITERS: Gerard Alessandrini (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart)


Stritch (Zip)

ELAINE STRITCH: Hello. Does anyone still wear the hat?

I thought that I had hit the low note
When I took a smaller bit in "Show Boat".
I normally avoid a loser,
But when casting time is near,
This is what I hear
When they're looking for a boozer:

Stritch - nothing riles you up or makes you turn red.
Stritch - you're so deadpan people think that you're dead.
Stritch - would you like to work at Rainbow & Stars?
Stritch - they need someone downstairs parking the cars.

Once my Broadway credits towered,
I did shows for Noel Coward
Stritch - I was venerated.
I was classy as Dee Hoty
Now I always play a throaty
Bitch -- I've degenerated.

Stritch - all my co-stars cry out "Put on your shoes!"
Stritch - who the hell drank all the booze?
And when I get drunk the audience applauds.
Call Stritch -
Stritch - Stritch - Stritch -
I'm the queen of Broadway's boozing broads.

[spoken] I'll drink to that!

[Thanks to horacev1938 for lyrics]

Stritch (Zip) Lyrics From The Musical Forbidden Broadway, Vols. 1-4

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