No More Fear Lyrics Lyrics

What is this feeling that I'm feeling?
Like I've shot right through the ceiling?
Is it only the caffeine and the sugar?
And the pizza
Dear me
I had three slices of that pizza
Are carbs the feeling that I'm feeling?
Like I'm losing it, but dealing?
It's </em><em>alarming, but appealing, and somehow, healing
How long has it been since this old heart has skipped a beat?
How long have I kept an even keel?
How hard have I worked to keep our life so calm and neat?
And how good does this frickin' chaos feel?
Though I don't have the first idea what else may be in store
I know I won't be frightened anymore
No more fear, no more fright
I go bold or I go home
It starts tonight
Oh God!
Have I taught my siblings to be cautious at all cost?
Have I made them somehow be afraid?
Have I held too tightly after all that we have lost?
And how do I clean up this mess I made?
'Cause clearly, I can't promise things will all turn out ok
But here's the most important thing I'll say
No more fear, no more dread
No more dwelling on the danger
We'll dare to live instead
No more sadness, not one tear
We'll be tough and tough together
No more fear
No more shyness or embarrassment
No diffidence, no doubt
That self-consciousness and anxiousness
Just throw that stuff right out!
'Cause I thought I taught us manners
But I may have made us meek
And a boy can't be a good boy without ever being weak
If you have to fight, then fight
And I'll be the first to cheer
No more waiting!
No more hiding!
Are we clear?
No more fear!
No more...

No More Fear Lyrics Lyrics From The Musical Freaky Friday

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