Let's Hear It For Me Lyrics

[Fanny & chorus:]

Blow the bugle

Sound the cymbal

All my troubles fill a thimble

I'm as happy as it's legal to be

Come on kids let's hear it for me

Get the tom tom

Start the drumming

Cue the chorus

Keep them humming

Cause I'm climbing of the limb of that tree

Come on kids let's hear it for me

For this overwhelming sensation

I could stand a standing ovation

Give my entrance queue to the band

Give the little lady a great big hand

Slide the trombone

Let it swell out

This performance is a sell out

And the critics and the public agree

I'm the number one attraction to see

So applaud it and cheer it

Come on now let's hear it for me

Standing in the wings

All prepared to start

Usually I'm tense

A pounding in my heart

But now I'm not afraid

Those butterfly's are gone

My act is looking great

I can't wait to go on, on

Grab a ticket

Find your row kid

I am strictly an SRO kid

Tell these ougly boubly feelings I'm free

They been banished by a royal decree

And your head feels so good when you finally clear it

If I saw a worry I wouldn't go near it

Come on now come on kid let's hear it

Let's hear it for me...

Let's Hear It For Me Lyrics From The Musical Funny Lady

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