Trippin' On XTC Lyrics

Hello, little children, come stand over here, I'm gonna shake it with the

hot groove a-right in my ear

Yeah, you're boppin' down Melrose in Daddy's new car, I'm gonna hit you in

the nose and hit you real hard

So I jumped on the bandwagon, big butt toe wagon, racka-sacka rose but

jammin' in your butt, wait for Ted bass, f**kin' up your face

And they rocked out

Threw the pub out

Gonna wip my multiple sack out

We are trippin' on XTC

Hedgin' in our defect sexuality

Don't you wanna bang us, wanna be like me?

We are trippin' on XTC now

Livin' in, livin' in, livin' in, livin' in now

(Hallucino genius) (x4)

Are you boys on drugs?

(x2) Yeah

Jesus Christ


He is nice (x2)

Huh Sly, let's do this (x23)

I'm never coming down (x2)

Now I lay me down to sleep

I pray the Lord my soul to keep

If I die before I wake

I pray

The Lord

My soul

To take

Trippin' On XTC Lyrics From The Musical Green Jelly: Cereal Killer

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