Daughter of Delta Nu Lyrics

Delta Nu:

We are daughters of this place nice asses and style

Elles Three Friends:

We are daughters of this place and not any space to live to many girls!
we play games and lie studing goes to your thighs


I love to study

Delta Nus:

Oh my god you study no wonder your so fat


Look at them they are mine i dont care if they waer underwear soo dont cry girls were livin with yall

Delta Nus:

Yeah! but to let you now we are daughters of this place to let you
nown let me tell you that we are Straight not gay we dont
pay we steal and peal our own bannans beecause
we are daughters of delta nus oh oh oh oh you are the sons and we are the
daugters so dont get mixed up who do you pick


Pick me i am good my father is as big as a train
i am lucky iam hot with style it might take a whilt to get dressed to
have fun thats what it take

Delta nus all:


[Thanks to sandy for lyrics]

Daughter of Delta Nu Lyrics From The Musical Legally Blonde

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