Javert at the Barricade/Little People Lyrics


Listen my friends

i have done as i said

I have been to their lines

I have counted each man.

I will tell what i can.

Better be warned they have armies to spare

and the danger is real

We will need all our cunning.

to bring them to yield


Have faith

If you know what there movments are we'll spoil their game there are ways that our people can fight

we shall over come there power!


I have overheard their plans

there will be no attack tonight

they intend to starve us out

before they start a proper fight

concentrate their force

hits us from the right.



Good evening, dear inspector

Lovely evening, my dear.

I know this man, my friends

His name is Inspector Javert

So don't believe a word he says

'Cause none of it's true

This only goes to show

What little people can do!

And little people know

When little people fight

We may look easy pickings

But we've got some bite

So never kick a dog

Because he's just a pup

We'll fight like twenty armies

And we won't give up

So you'd better run for cover

When the pup grows up!

Javert at the Barricade/Little People Lyrics From The Musical Les Miserables

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