Ladies...Gents! / The Coney Island Waltz (Reprise) Lyrics

Squelch: Ladies, gents!

Gangle: You, good sir!

Fleck: And you my friend!

Fleck, Squelch, Gangle: Everyone

Gangle: Time for fun!

Squelch: Here tonight

Gangle: Reigning in the season's end

Fleck: Mr. Y's last surprise

Squelch, Fleck, Gangle: Starting soon upon our stage, a performance of the age!

Squelch: Wonders and astonishments for your delectation.

Gangle: Marvellous automatons of his own creation

Squelch: Plus, a finale to sweep you away

Fleck and Squelch: Brought from Paris to perform, just one day!

Fleck, Squelch, Gangle: Come see the breathtaking Christine Daae!

Ladies...Gents! / The Coney Island Waltz (Reprise) Lyrics From The Musical Love Never Dies

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