What's Left of Love Lyrics

Damn the day I saw you for the first time,
Damn the day I saw you at the Salle Pleyel
I was there that evening with you though you never knew I'd always remember
Damn the day I stood there in your shadow
Following your music at the Salle Pleyel
As I turned your pages one by one like a flower turns to face the sun
So I felt my luck had just begun
I was thunderstruck, lost in wonder
Must I pay for every man who hurt you?
How could I begin to know the price I'd pay
Damn the day!
Here, here in my heart, these bitter words that tear me apart
How will I live my life? Where do I start? When each word is a knife. straight to my heart?
And now you've shut the door! Cast me aside,
A man who isn't rich can't protect, can't provide
Damn your soul! Damn you!
What is left of days that never ended?
What is left of all that we were dreaming of?
What's left of Love!
Why am I surprised? Why is it strange that the china doll can never change
There are words that wound, and words that kill
Murder is your words cut deeper still,
So damn the day that you walked in my lifetime
What is left of all of that time?
What's left of love?

What's Left of Love Lyrics From The Musical Marguerite

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