Room Three-Seventeen Lyrics

Kim: Good evening maam

Ellen:Don't turn the bed yet

Kim:I'm not the maid

Ellen: What do you want then?


They must written the room number wrong

I am looking for someone named Christopher Scott. 317. Oh I'm sorry...unless

well, you must be,of course your Jon's wife, are you not?


Oh god I see,it had to happen.

You must be Kim, Chris went to find you.

Please come inside, no one will hurt you. I'm Chris's wife...My name is


Kim: Tell me you are lying

Ellen: We've been married a year, I'm sorry it's true.

Kim: He said he'd come to get me

Ellen: He said he tried to reach you, but what could he do?


Please tell my your not married,

You don't know you can't know what I've done to be here.

Ellen: you don't know how he needed a new start.

Kim: I feel walls im my heart, closing in, I can't breathe, I can't win.

Ellen: As for the child you say it's Chris's.


Oh yes madam my son is Chris's.

I had a dream for my sont to belong,

Not to all live his life in the srteet like a rat.

Ellen: We aren't rich, but we'll sholder our load.

Chris and I are totally together on that.

Kim: Then you must take Tam with you.

Ellen: Take a child from his mother, impossibe Kim.

Kim: You will take Tam with you,

then he'll get ehat I wanted for him.


But Kim your child needs you

Chris is married to me we want kids of our own.

Kim: Tam's chance lies with you now, not with you now not with me.

Ellen: No! can't you see? It can't work,it can't be.


If you're saying that because you made him change his mind!

Chris must go away and leave me and his son behind!

If you're saying that, because my husband has another wife!

My child has no future,like the dust of life!

He must come tonight to my place!

Tell me so to my face!

Room Three-Seventeen Lyrics From The Musical Miss Saigon

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