My Dream Is Yours Lyrics

Lyric by Ralph Blane

Music by Harry Warren


If a law were passed and dreams were not allowed,

Lovers still would have a castle on a cloud;

For, in my dreams you'd always be in sight;

Do you mind if I follow the flight of my fancy tonight?


My dream is yours,

My dream is yours alone,

It's all I own,

My dream is yours.

I'm through with spending time pretending I'm a rover,

And when I dream it over, I've in clover

And ev'rything is fine.

My dream is yours,

It isn't much to give,

But while I live,

My dream is yours;

So, darling, may I say, "I love you,"

Till the theme of ev'ry dream begins to shine?

My dream is yours, because it's yours and mine.

My Dream Is Yours Lyrics From The Musical My Dream Is Yours

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