Life Story (reprise) Lyrics


Everyone’s got a big picture

That guides them through life toward what they want to be

So if everyone’s got a big picture

How come my picture’s something that I still have yet to see?

This is a flyer that’s been in my backpack for weeks now

Buried down deep, getting faded and wrinkled and torn.

I have been making these flyers till kingdom come

Writing all of these words that now seem, kind of dumb.

And it’s hard not to feel that this isn’t my real life story.

I imagined I’d come here and do something big,

That the artist in me would prevail

But all I’ve done so far is copy these words

From some hippie downtown who’s sitting in jail

Well, this is a guy who cannot be described as a quitter

This is a guy who should do what he set out to do

You might snicker and laugh that it’s so cliché.

To think making these means I’ve got something to say

But I do, and that’s why I wish they could be my life story

My life story

My life… Deb!

Life Story (reprise) Lyrics From The Musical Ordinary Days

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