Scene: The Ballroom Lyrics

Mary: Are you my Uncle Archibald?

Archibald: Who's that?

Mary: It's Mary Lennox, sir. Are you my Uncle Archibald?

Archibald: Yes. I am. good morning child.

Mary: Are you going to be my father now?

Archibald: I am your guardian. Though I am a poor one for any child. I offer you my-

Mary: Is this my Aunt Lily in this picture?

Archibald: Yes it is. Where did you get that?-

Mary: Is she a ghost now?

Archibald: Why, have you heard her?

Mary: I heard someone crying in the house last night, but I don't know anything about ghosts. Is my father a ghost now? Does

everyone who dies, become a ghost?

Archibald: they're only a ghost if someone alive is still holding onto them. I offer you my deepest sympathies on your


Mary: Did my mother have any other family?

Scene: The Ballroom Lyrics From The Musical Secret Garden, The

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