That's Entertainment Lyrics

Jack :

Everything that happens in life

Can happen in a show

You can make 'em laugh

You can make 'em cry


Anything can go....

The clown with his pants falling down

Or the dance that's a dream of romance

Or the scene where the villain is mean

That's entertainment!

Nanette : The lights on the lady in tights

Oscar : Or the bride with the guy on the side

Jack : Or the ball where she gives him her all

All : That's entertainment!

Nanette : The plot and the hot simply teeming with sex

Oscar : A gay divorcee who is after her ex

Fred : It could be Oedipus Rex

Jack :

Where a chap kills his father

And causes a lot of bother

Nanette : The clerk who is thrown out of work

Oscar : By the boss who is thrown for a loss

Fred : By the skirt who is doing him dirt

All :

The world is a stage,

The stage is a world of entertainment.

That's entertainment!

That's entertainment!

The doubt while the jury is out

Or the thrill when they're reading the will

Or the chase for the man with the face

That's entertainment!

Nanette : The dame who is known as the flame

Jack : Of the king of an underworld ring

Oscar and Fred :

He's an ape

Who won't let her escape

All : That's entertainment!

It might be a fight like you see on the screen

A swain getting slain for the love of a queen

Some great Shakespearean scene

Where a ghost and a prince meet

And everyone ends in mincemeat.

The gag may be waving the flag

That began with a mr. Cohan

Hip hooray!

The American way

The world is a stage,

The stage is a world of entertainment

That's Entertainment Lyrics From The Musical The Band Wagon

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