The Holly and The Ivy Lyrics


The holly and the ivy,

When they are both full grown,

Of all the trees that are in the wood,

The holly bears the crown.

The holly bears a berry

As red as any blood;

And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ

To do poor sinners good.


The holly bears a prickle

As sharp as any thorn;

And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ

On Christmas day in the morn

The holly bears a bark

As bitter as any gall

And Mary bore sweet Jesus Christ

For to redeem us all

(Anne Catherick appears in the church)



(The congregation is disturbed. Laura turns round confused. Anne has already disappeared. The ceremony continues.)


The holly and the ivy,

When they are both full grown,

Of all the trees that are in the wood,

The holly bears the crown.

Oh the rising of the sun

And the running of the deer

The playing of the merry organ,

Sweet singing in the choir.

(Glyde and Laura are married. The village cheers, throws confetti. Laura gives Marian her bouquet. Fosco takes Marian's arm again. The bride and groom leave.)


Forever after as man and wife

Dancing through life,

Merrily, merrily

She is a source of pride in his arms,

Bride in his arms,

Verily, verily.

Off to a life of contentment and bliss

No other day is as happy as this!

Time for rejoicing and time for a kiss

Here's to the bride and groom

Cheers to the bride and groom

Here's to the bride and groom!

(The villagers disperse after the wedding. We are in the graveyard- out of the shadows, Anne Catherick appears. She is alone and despairing)


Lady Laura Glyde

Lady Laura Glyde

The church bells are ringing

They call out to warn you

But even my warnings

Were too late to save you

Now your fate is sealed

How can he be stopped?

You'll be the lady of

Blackwater House

All the rooms filled with sorrow

The lake filled with teardrops

Where you're at his mercy

And he knows no mercy

I can't let this come to pass

I can't let you

Suffer as I did

I must journey to your side

So unlike me

You won't be friendless

So unlike me

You won't be friendless

(The scene shifts to Sir Percival's residence. Blackwater House is dark, stifling, and oppressive. Marian and Fosco are in the house, waiting for the bride and groom to arrive back. There is activity around them- servants preparing the house. Laura and Percival return from their honeymoon. They are unsmiling and Laura is wearing black.)


Welcome to your new home, Lady Glyde!

(Laura says nothing, pushes passed her, and goes to her room)


Laura? What is it? Laura!

(to Fosco)

There's something wrong.


She is just tired.


No, I must go to her.


She will come round.

(He holds her back a moment)

You live in her shadow!


If I do, then it is because I am comfortable there.


She is lovely. But you, Miss Halcombe,

Are beyond all compare!

(She looks at him and then exits)

(Laura's bedroom. Marian enters as Laura is sending away her maid)

Laura (to the maid):

Leave me alone. I don't need your help.

(The maid curtsies and leaves. Laura avoids Marian's eyes.)


Laura you know you can trust me

Please let me know what is wrong

We seem so far apart

And it breaks my heart


Trust you, now why should I trust you?

When your advice lead me here?

Straight from the wedding prayer

To complete despair

He only wants my money!

That's all he wants from me!

Though he's a baronet

He is steeped in debt

I'll show you how he loves me

I think you ought to see!

(She lifts her sleeves and lowers her neckline to reveal bruises.)

His love is on display

A mark for ev'ryday

You said “He's all a man should be!”

The Holly and The Ivy Lyrics From The Musical Woman In White

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